Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Got a Check from Ebates

I got my quarterly check from Ebates today ($22 and change), and saw that they're having a special deal until March 31st, so I thought I'd mention them again. Through March 31st, they are increasing their sign-up bonus to $10 from $5 (to get the "free" money, you have to place an order at one of their stores; if you don't order anything until after March 31st, you will just get the usual $5.)

Here's the link:

I promote this for a couple of reasons -- one is that, yes, I also get a bonus when someone signs up through my link. But also, I post it on "Crip Chronicles" because I think that if you have any kind of mobility impairment and you're not doing the bulk of your shopping online, you're really missing a great boon to your quality of life.

Secondly, who needs a little extra money more than we do? They've got so many store listed now, that it is easy to get a little cash back on a lot of things -- just this month, I got rebates on my groceries at (yes, it is only 1%, but that's 1.15 I didn't have before), on filing my taxes at TurboTax, and on slippers from

'Nuf said.

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