Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Elected Representatives Respond re: ADA Restoration Act

The day that I posted the call (from AHEAD) to write to our elected representatives to ask for support for the ADA Restoration Act, I did just that -- sending 3 very similar emails to my senators and congresswoman.

While I have signed petitions in the past, I believe this is the first time I'd actually written to my elected officials, and was surprised to get a response from each, via email, over the course of the following 10 days.

If you're keeping score, both Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Anna Eshoo both said unequivically that they were in strong support of the ADA Restoration Act. Eshoo is a co-sponsor of the legislation.

Senator Diane Feinstein said, after saying that she understood my concerns, "Please know I will keep your thoughts in mind should this legislation come before the full Senate." Sounds like a variation of "science is looking into it", and a strong reluctance to make any promises.

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