Thursday, April 06, 2006

Railroaded, an epilogue

Here's an amusing epilogue to "Railroaded" (

I had copied my letter to several local consumer reporters in the faint hope that one of them would take an interest in disability access on our commuter train system.

Today, I was chagrined to find a return letter in my p.o. box, which I clearly do not check as often as I should -- the letter was dated 2/16/06. "Swell," I thought, "I got some interest, and I didn't have the wit to check my mail box and follow up."

Alas, I needn't have worried. Here is the text of the response, in it's entirety, with no intentional edits on my part. It is from Michael Finney, from KGO TV, our local ABC affiliate.

"Dear Teri:

Thank you for contacting 7 On Your Side. Because of the nature of our segment, we rely heavily on input from our viewers and welcome your comments.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated and forwarded to our research team. Contributions from our audience helps 7 On Your Side produce informative consumer reports for the entire Bay Area.

We appreciate your interest in 7 On Your Side and thank you for watching ABC-7 News.


Michael Finney
7 On Your Side"

Makes me wish the Magnificent Seven was "on my side." 'Cause this ain't them.

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