Monday, March 06, 2006

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

I found this petition on the website of "ConventionYes!":


I support the full and universal recognition of the human rights of people with disabilities under national and international law.

I am concerned about the current track record of abuses against people with disabilities in all parts of the world. I am alarmed by forced institutionalization and troubled by the lack of international standards for inclusion in voting, housing, education, transportation, emergency assistance and other sectors.

I support current efforts to create a UN treaty, called a Convention, to protect the human rights of people with disabilities.

I believe it is important that all nations support the UN convention process, sign and ratify the resulting treaty and fully comply with all international standards protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

I urge decision-makers at all national and international levels to support the UN Convention process.

You can support this effort by signing the petition at

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Anonymous said...

The Baltimore Sun recently ran a lengthy article about the damage done when family members are lied to about family secrets:

The article talks about the book, SECRET GIRL, in which author Molly Bruce Jacobs describes how she learned about a sister who was "mildly retarded" and institutionalized from birth. She meets her sister for the first time at age 38, and begins a process of integrating her sister into her own family. There's an excerpt from the book here: