Monday, January 19, 2009

Disability and the Inauguration

I checked in on a friend's blog today (Becs Again), and found this entry about remembering the fulfill the civil rights of other groups at the inauguration, amidst discussions of "post-racial America": A Soapbox Moment.

Then, I did a Google search, and at a cool blog called Media dis&dat came up with this great post: Wheelchair Users Pre-Test Access for Presidential Inauguration.

I'm taking the day off to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama -- a day that I could only fervently hope for a year ago.


Becs said...

Please also check out It was through William Peace's blog that I first learned of difficulties accessing various Obama campaign headquarters and the inauguration.

Did you see Cheney being carried down the steps? *snark*

wheelchairs said...

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Jeff Swenson said...

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