Sunday, November 19, 2006

Where the Cabs Are -- The End

This is an unexpected ending to this story, most especially unexpected by me.

The Mountain View Voice did publish my editorial -- with minimal editing, in September. After that, I never heard from the Voice or from Caltrain. I got busy at work, and was more or less resigned to the new parking lot configuration.

In October, I had two unfortunate weeks of being without my primary wheelchair, and drove to work, being reluctant to take my backup chair on the train and the backroads of my commute.

On November 3rd, I arrived at the Mountain View Caltrain station at 9:45 am to find workman from Caltrain repainting the parking area and returning it to its original configuration!

Aki, my friend the coffee-stand operator, said, "Look! You did it!" She was almost as excited as I was.

They even put 3 taxi parking spaces in the area of the parking lot that I had suggested -- all without a word to me -- not that Caltrain is obligated to check in with me.

I was gratified to note that 7-8 of the restored 10 disabled parking spaces were being used at subsequent visits to the train station.


Penny L. Richards said...

That's wonderful! You know that was your letter--this stuff never happens without someone writing a letter.

Anonymous said...

Nice ONE! Way to go!!

That's truly good news. CONGRATS!


Katja said...

Wow, I love it when that happens! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this one from the beginning...whoohoo to you and your persistence. :) Way to go.

Ursula said...

I hope we all feel inspired to speak up when it's needed. We can't win them all, but if we don't take action, we won't win any.