Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where the Cabs Are, II

Civil Disobedience -- Or Simple Force of Habit?

Since writing "Where the Cabs Are", the number of cabs waiting, when I have been at the train station, has gone from a solid six down to two or three. Today, at 9:20 am, there were two, and in the first cab space, there was a car with a placard instead of a cab.

I went around to make sure that they hadn't changed the signs again, and they hadn't; the car with the crip placard was parked in a "Taxi" stand designated space. It made me smile broadly and wonder if a fellow crip was sticking it to the "man", or if, by force of habit, they had parked there because that is where they always park at the train station.

There was no ticket on the windshield, and a sheriff's car cruised through the parking lot real slowwww, but didn't give anyone a ticket while I was there.

To Be Continued?

I sent WTCA to the editor and the reporter from the MountainView Voice, and to a honcho at CalTrain, but have yet to hear from any of them. I'll let you know what happens, if anything...

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